All-in-one Sales AI Platform

Yappy Is a Sales Intelligence Platform - Use the World's Best AI to Sell on Today's Communication Channels

Intuitive Interface

Powerful Team Management

Assign, transfer, and manage conversations between multiple team members and even departments

Know Your Customers

Custom attributes, geography, caller-id, CRM integration and more allows you to tailor your responses to your customers

Multi-Chat Management

Manage multiple chat, SMS, and FB messenger conversations in one robust interface


Messages synced

How Yappy for Business texting works

You receive a message

A user sends a text message to your Yappy provided Phone #, contacts you through your FB page, or starts a conversation on your website via the chat widget

It appears on your computer

When the message arrives, you will receive a desktop alert

You reply to the customer

You reply to the message. Yappy will intelligently route it back through SMS, FB Messenger, or the website widget