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How Yappy Works

Check out AndroidTapp's review of Yappy to find out why users love us!

Yappy Love

Reviews straight from the source!

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Love it! I've been looking for an alternative to MightyText for some time, due to it's clumsy and buggy nature. I love how lightweight the web client is, and the XMPP integration is outstanding.

David Martinez, Google Play Review
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Wow Just switched from Pushbullet. This is so fast and works so well at the same time as having an affordable pro. Awesome app and great job.

Camilo Morrice, Google Play Review
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I started using Yappy after dropping Pushbullet, and I can't be happier. Texting is smooth as silk, and their customer support is stellar! If you're on the fence about alternatives to Pushbullet, this is your replacement.

Jack Wolfe, Google Play Review
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Free Unlimited Messaging

Yappy does not restrict how many messages you can send and receive, Yappy Pro focuses on adding powerful features!


  • Send & Receive Unlimited SMS messages
  • 14 Day Message Retention
  • Android, Tablet, & Web Messengers
  • Sync Notifications
  • Battery Level Indicator
  • Initiate Call From Web
  • Basic Themes
  • Encrypted free messages to other Yappy Users


  • No Ads
  • Unlimited Message Retention
  • XMPP (Jabber) Integration
  • Search your messages
  • More Themes
  • Schedule Messages
  • Custom Signatures
  • Analytics / Linguistics

From the Blog

Check out our Blog for some neat behind the scenes information on Yappy.

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Why Yappy works when Pushbullet and MightyText fail

Yappy perseveres when others, well, don’t fully deliver… How do services like Yappy, Pushbullet, MightyText, and others work? Any time you have a client / server architecture, such as one enabling sending a text message from a web page (Yappy, Pushbullet,

3 Comments 112
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Real-Time Notification Mirroring From Android To Your PC

Yappy can now show you all of your phone’s notifications on your computer, the instant they show up on your Android phone. Why did your phone just buzz? So you are sitting on your couch, texting back and forth with your friend on your laptop using Yappy while your phone is in your bedroom plugged-in and charging. The next thing you know, your phone vibrates. You wait a second but don’t see a new text in Yappy on your laptop, it must be a notification you think!

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Pushbullet no longer free, Yappy welcomes converts!

Today Pushbullet announced Pushbullet Pro, a paid version of Pushbullet. Like many companies, rather than adding value through new features which they can charge for, Pushbullet decided to handicap current users and make features which were already freely available a part of the paid Pro version.

1 Comments 112

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